Open the Lens

Jan 19, 2011

The Pro-Seeds Project 4 (1/13/11)

W.O. W we Vintage Vibez

A cheap date 1/13/11..

Who me?


Wax on Wax off

Woman Down!!

A Rose is Still Hiphop

We played marbles together

Rose Facial


My Paychex after taxes...

Jan 12, 2011

A Bash for Brooke 1/8/2011

The B-Spot


Meet the Parents?

The Table

Glow Stick Party

Picture time

Wrap in Chains

Girls night out

Dance I said

The bday Girl

The Sweet Cake

Jan 9, 2011

Meet a 9 year old DJ.......

Sound Chex

DJ Beauty & the Beatz

In a Zone

Rocking the Rock Sushi in Va.

The blend

The Present and the Future DJ unites