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May 16, 2013

El-Photo of the Day: 5/16/13

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The Story behind the Photo:
A few weeks ago a RAWphotographer and I walk the streets of Washington DC to do some street photography. We came across to gentlemen that were sitting on the window ledge of a bank. Diamond Dutchess (shown in the photo) caught a quick shoot of the two just chilling. She asked this guy ( in the photo) if she could take a photo of him. He replied "yes", after a few photos he began to ask "WHY".. Our words were "We want people to see and feel the REAL DC".... after a few more minutes ( shown in the image) he shouts " these camera are dangerous so be careful"....

Website: El-Shamesh Photography

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Feb 17, 2012

El-Shamesh Photography shoots for iApparel


Facebook: iApparel

KING SOLOMON  Tee by iApparel

Ras Terms Street Angel Tee by iApparel

Ras Terms Street Angel Tee by iApparel

Lion Sphinx  Tee by iApparel

Ras Terms Street Angel Tee by iApparel

iApparel & RasTerms Artist Collaboration Series

iApparel & RasTerms Artist Collaboration Seriesl

El-Shamesh Photography

RAW-Feb-DC79 by rawartistsmedia
RAW-Feb-DC79, a photo by rawartistsmedia on Flickr.
RAWArtist event that Featured 30 artists in the DC area. Enoch El-Shamesh was chosen to display his work to the public on the night of 2-9-12 that drew over 300 people in attendance.

Via Flickr:
Photos by Joy Asico (

Oct 2, 2011

Meet EL Haile

El Haile is a Mother,Wife, Photographer, Stylist , Makes Jewelry and runs a company called True:xpressionz 

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Sep 6, 2011

Meet DJ Soyo

DJ SoYo brought a Concept to El-Shamesh Photography that was unique and funky. This Photo shoot describes her character in so many ways....

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