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Feb 23, 2011

The Black experience in America

A day w/ Clara T. Street

Artist: Clara T. Street

Genre: Gospel/R&B

Hometown: North Carolina

Current Location: Washington,DC

Feb 4, 2011

Lyric Olympics Presented by DCRAP

The battery in my camera wasn't fully charged, so i only took a few pictures before it died... :(
Apollo the Great


Beads of the Monk

Born I

Boss B

Lights in the sky

DJ Jav aka I HATE U...

Blu in Red





Everyboby wears a Mask

Swing the beads

Mask dance

The Return of the Dragons

I'm 80's baby

Drum of the heart

Crack Music

Heart Beat of the City

Nate G

Ghost of Noon:30

Take a Picture

The daughter of Jimmy

Beat ya Feet


Talking in the Light

Too Much BASS

Surock got beats

I see you